Land Innovations sees each new development as a blank canvas, drawing inspiration from the land and positioning its communities within the natural beauty and habitat.  “We see our goal as much like an assignment to go create something special,” chief manager Dudley Smith says.  “We are very sensitive to the environment and work creatively to craft a community that is not only unique, but that inspires creativity from the architecture of the homes and amenities to the preservation of the trees and natural topography.  Our communities have a soul with the purpose to connecting people to each other and to their natural surroundings.”

Land Innovations, LLC is a Brentwood, Tenn.-based Company and is an affiliate of CPS Land, LLC.  Land Innovations partnered by Dudley Smith, Rob Pease and Frank Horton. Land Innovations is engaged as a creative design and development manager of legacy projects for land owners that would prefer to help participate in the process of developing their own land rather than selling it to others. 

Collectively the team works for both the CPS Land and Land Innovations companies. Dudley Smith started the Land Innovations initiative in 2010.  Land Innovations’ clients typically consist of high net worth property owners who allow the LI team the freedom to depart from traditional development rules and banking limitations to cultivate something beyond the status quo.  Our land owners are willing to see the long game and believe with time and a lot of hard work something of more value can actually be created,” says Smith.

The Land Innovations team has built a reputation of creating communities that don’t fit the status quo.  “The land selects us,” Smith says.  “When someone wants something extra special, that’s when we get the call.  The landowners that we work with always have a special connection to their land.  It’s an emotional investment as much as a financial investment.”

Project Management & Development Services Offered:
  • Site Selection and Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Envisioning and Focus Group Moderation
  • Due Diligence
  • Residential Market Analysis
  • Entitlement and Re-zoning Management
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Financial Modeling
  • Builder Management
  • Sales and Marketing Managemen