With Land Innovations, there is intrinsic value in maximizing the potential of a property that cannot be measured solely in dollars.  Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind communities that have a sense of soul and connect us through thoughtful, pedestrian-friendly design to the outdoors and nature.


The team at Land Innovations believes that the creation and development of exceptional communities result from decades of experience, an uncompromised work ethic and a rigorous creative process.  Land Innovations sees each new development opportunity as a blank canvas, drawing inspiration from the land and embracing its natural beauty and habitat while respecting the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.  Each development opportunity is approached differently because each legacy property, land owner and community vision is unique and deserves its own set of goals and personality.  With Land Innovations, there is intrinsic value in maximizing the potential of a property that cannot be measured solely in dollars.  Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind communities that have a sense of soul and connect us through thoughtful, pedestrian-friendly design to the outdoors and nature.


Land Innovations’ clients typically consist of high net-worth property owners or families that own legacy properties but don’t have a vision or the experience to know how to protect and achieve the highest value for their land assets. We typically partner with our land owners in a manner that allows us the flexibility and the freedom to depart from traditional development rules and banking limitations to cultivate a unique opportunity that transcends the status quo. 


Conventional land development projects are typically driven by their investors, share holders or bank loan committees, all of which gravitate towards conventional ideas and financial models in pursuit of a quick return Developers and builders often find themselves repeating this more predictable model resulting in so many homes and subdivisions that resemble each other.

To break away from this traditional mold, Land Innovations designs a creative land contract or partners with a patient land owner whose values are not measured solely by the annual internal rate of return. Our land partner is willing to invest in a longer-term perspective and believes that with perseverance and a lot of hard work something of a much greater value can actually be created.


We see each land, investment and community opportunity more like an assignment to go create something special.  We are very sensitive to respecting the environment, and work diligently to craft a vision that draws inspiration and creativity from the architecture of the homes to the careful analysis of each site’s unique opportunities to preserve and protect the streams, trees and other natural features.  Our goal is for our communities to be inviting, comfortable, engaging and walkable and for those attributes to be felt the moment you enter the property



“The Land Innovations team has built a reputation of helping to create communities that don’t fit the status quo. When a land owner wants to explore doing something outside the box, that’s when we seem to get the call.  The landowners that we work with always have a special connection to their land.  It’s an emotional investment as much as a financial investment,” says chief manager Dudley Smith.


Você, one of LI’s current projects under construction, is one of the most innovative single-family home communities in Middle Tennessee and exemplifies our philosophy of working with the existing natural beauty of a property.


Você means “voice” in Italian, and “voice” has a strong connection to this one-of-a-kind community. Você sits on 61 acres that was the home place of country music icon Eddy Arnold until 2008. It was the place where he retreated to his family and found inspiration after being on the road.  While hiking on the ridge at the property in the late1950’s, Eddy discovered a new singing style that would help create what became known as the “Nashville Sound.”  


“In keeping with Arnold’s wishes, his grandson, Shannon Pollard, and the Land Innovations team partnered together to preserve the natural beauty and historic character of the property,” says LI partner, Frank Horton.  Land Innovations created a plan to preserve in excess of 60% of the trees and natural areas within Você.


Much like Eddy Arnold found his voice on the land that he called home, we also find our voice when we connect to that special place we call home.

The Land Innovations goal is to create a place where people are enlivened by their surroundings and become an integral part of shaping their community. 


In addition to Você, Land Innovations is currently partnering with The Rochford Company to develop Stephens Valley, a 930-acre community surrounded by the Natchez Trace Parkway. This master-planned community will include approximately 1,200 homes, resort-style amenities, and its own small-town village featuring a boutique hotel and over 100,000 square feet of space for retail shops, offices and restaurants to serve the local community.


Approximately 550 acres of the property will be protected open space for the use and enjoyment of the community,” Pease says.  “It’s adjacent to a National Park, so we will have connections from the park to the community.  Stephens Valley will be another one-of-a-kind legacy project.”


Stephens Valley is located about 25 minutes from downtown Nashville and is surrounded on three sides by 19 hills as well as the thousands of protected acres of the Natchez Trace Parkway.  “Imagine a charming small-town community surrounded by a National Park that has a comfortable, friendly, hometown feel. Our vision consists of Classic architecture, front porches, multiple internal parks, walkability, and a small-town village at the core of the community,” says LI partner RobPease.


As with all of their projects, the Land Innovations goal at Stephens Valley is to honor the land and create a lasting legacy for all who choose to call it “home.”